Sauna & Jacuzzi

Sauna & Jacuzzi

Hot water and steam treatments are a popular way of relaxing and improving body restoration. At Kos Hotel Junior Suites we have all the required equipment for you to utilize, including:

Sauna has been a part of north European peoples' everyday lives and has gradually become recognized worldwide. Sauna facilitates perspiration and muscle relaxation. Our Sauna consists of a primary cabin (which is made of wood), a heater and a control system.

The usage of steam is an old technique of restoration and leisure. A hot and steamy environment has always been considered therapeutical and revitalizing. Our state of the art Hamam consists of a cabin and a vapor manufacturing component.

The adjustable force in the jets of a jacuzzi provides a hydrotherapy massage for your muscles and joints that can vary from mild to a deep massage. That can help alleviate anxiety.

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