Relax and let our certified specialists take care of you at Body and Soul Spa, with an exquisite body treatment.

Neck and Shoulder
The Neck and Shoulder massage concentrates on the areas of the human body that accumulate the absolute most stress and tension.

Hot Stone Massage
This therapeutic massage makes use of smooth, temperature keeping volcanic rocks. The soothing and sedating warmth from the rocks enables the therapist to work deeper into the muscles, melting away the stress that has you in knots. This might be a perfect therapeutic massage if you enjoy temperature treatments or are delicate to the cold.

A holistic Eastern method that utilizes the force along the body's meridians to launch blocked power stations, relieving discomfort and restoring the correct stability of Chi power in the body.

Reflexology stimulates full human body wellness and is an effective means to alleviate discomfort and to restore normal stability and well being. Pressure is used to particular points on the legs to release stress and enhance blood circulation.

Aromatherapy Massage
A recovery massage utilizing natural and aromatherapy essential oils to stimulate the body's own recovery systems and sooth the nerves. Choose from unique combinations created to alleviate persistent patterns of anxiety and to soothe and energize aching muscles.

You can share any massage with a partner or spouse by asking for a couple's massage with two therapists.

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