Pilates / Aerobic / Step / Hatha Yopa / Zumba / Fitball

Pilates / Aerobic / Step / Hatha Yopa / Zumba / Fitball

A great vacation is achieved by striking a good balance between gaining new experiences and relaxing.

Do you have a packed itinerary today?
Start your day with meditation and a yoga sun salutation sequence.
Are you having a backache from yesterday’s cycling trip?
Get a mat and do pilates exercises to stretch your back and relieve the pain.
Did you have a huge feast last night and you feel like you need to burn some of the added weight?
Put on your workout clothes and sweat it all out with aerobics.

Here in Kos Hotel, we value your need to stay fit and healthy during your vacation. Aside from working out in the Body n' Soul Gym &Spa , you can also join us in any of the daily Hatha Yoga, Pilates, Step, Fitball or Aerobics classes. You may choose the class and day that suits you best! Beginners need not to worry! Each class is led by a highly qualified instructor who will help you out with the routines.

For more information about the schedule, please contact us or approach the hotel frontdesk.

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